Did you know?

Why smoked meat has the red ring?

Many experts claim that if you wish to eat the good stuff, you must have that smoke ring. It is that bit of pink colour just under the bark in slow-smoked meats. This ring has actually become a little red badge of honor in the barbecue industry.
But why does this ring shape?
The ring itself isn’t something that’s created by the chef. The ring is actually more of a remnant of the myglobin that’s already within the meat. Myoglobin is protein in meat that gives it that delicious red color. The red ring just underneath the crust on your BBQ is myoglobin that has been seized by the way we cook the meat. Cooking nice and slow and in a moist environment certainly creates the ring. But mainly the best way to get a good smoke ring is just to not cook it too hot and fast to start off with. This ring does not mean the meat is not well done. On the contrary, it means that the meat has been cooked for a very long time in low temperature keeping its juices.
The ring has no taste by itself and does not affect the taste of the meat.