About Us ​

The love for Smoked American BBQ comes from more than 15 years back, when our Chef came across this marvelous way of cooking. Sebastian was then thrilled by the challenge of preparing the perfect smoked BBQ, working with low temperatures and waiting for many hours to check the result. Sebastian has managed to master the oak smoking and with lots of excitement he founded Texas SmokeHouse restaurant in 2018, in Nicosia.

Since then, he and his skilled team, are dedicated in serving the best smoked food, not only for meat lovers, but also for vegetarians. Using always the best of quality in materials and placing all the love for smoked food, at Texas SmokeHouse we serve the ultimate Smoked BBQ experience.


for a Unique Taste Experience​

Oak wood gives the smoked food an enhanced unique flavor that only at Texas Smokehouse you can experience.

Why smoked meat is so good?

This way of cooking the meat goes back in centuries and over the years has evolved to suit our modern life. It is not only about the unique flavor and taste, but it’s an art itself! Smoking meet takes patience and techniques to master the perfect smoked meal. At Texas SmokeHouse we have mastered the technique and we prepare each and every cut with care so that we bring to your plate the ultimate Texas Smoked BBQ experience.

Why smoked meat tastes so good?

Preparing a smoked BBQ meal is not a simple process. Just about any piece of meat can be smoked. Fish, chicken, pork, lamp, and beef, all do well smoked. And the taste results ley upon the preparation, the smoker and the time. The brining and seasoning enhance the flavor and at Texas SmokeHouse we have our secrets on the matter. We use a high-end smoker and only the best of oak wood in order to guarantee the best results. We know the exact temperature and time each cut needs in order to be ready maintaining the juices and tenderness of the meat.

Order from us and enjoy quality meat, juicy feeling in the mouth and amazing flavors.

The best suggestion for the meat lovers.


is a virtue ​

Time. The most equivocal dimension is the key for the exquisite results in tenderness and flavor.

We know well how to wait for hours for our cuts to be ready in the oak smoker.

Smoked meats are prepared at low and steady temperatures.  The managing of the temperatures of the smoker is important for the best results. Cooked too high will get it dry and tacky. Cooked too low and will get it chewy and not safe for consumption. Keeping the meat moist is important to keep it tender and juicy.  Apart from the low temperatures, time is the key. Each cut needs its time to be ready. You could wait even for 16 hours in order to have a good brisket ready. If this is rushed even a bit, the taste and feel result will be disappointing.

The Fresh Cuts​

The cuts selection is a ritual for us. Every kilogram of meat that enters our smoker is reverently selected, and every dish contains only the freshest and purest ingredients.

At Texas SmokeHouse we know well that if the meat is not the best, then whatever you do, the result will not be good.  This is why we cooperate with the best butchers, bringing in quality meat of all kinds. All factors are taken into consideration in order to make sure that the cuts have the proper age, the proper fat amount and the best maintenance conditions.  And we do not stop at the meat. All ingredients in our dishes are fresh and all our dressings and sauces are made by us in our kitchen.

Smoked Vegetarian Experience

How could we leave out from such a taste experience our vegetarian friends!  Smoked food experience is something everyone should enjoy! This is why we have included in our menu many vegetarian selections like seafood, mushrooms, jack fruit and more.